Helsinki University of Technology

Natalia Ermolova

Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist

  • visiting address:

Aalto University  
Department of Communications  and Networking  
Room E 207
Otakaari 5, Espoo

  • postal address:

PO Box 13000
FI-02150, Aalto, Finland

Research interests:

  • Statistical communication theory: theory of radio signals and systems; theory of multicarrier signals and systems; optimal control and filtering; nonlinear signal processing algorithms, Fourier transform application in signal processing.
  • Analysis of nonlinear effects in communication systems: theoretical characterization of nonlinear distortions in communication systems with the emphasis on multicarrier systems.
  • Development of techniques for compensation for nonlinear effects in communication systems: peak-to-average power ratio reduction techniques; linearization techniques for power amplifiers; equalization methods for nonlinear radio channels.

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