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S-72.4210 Postgraduate Course in Radio Communications

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Passing the course

S-72.4210 PG Course in Radio Communications
6-12 cr II-III

Each presentation held should contain a homework. Most of the homeworks are within the lectures slides.

  • After the course about one month will be reserved for problem solving.
  • The solutions of the homeworks should be delivered to the course assistant, preferably in electronic form, also paper returnings to course P.O.Box at the second floor of the E-wing is accepted.
  • After all homework is returned, the solutions are then distributed to the problem creator for checking and grading (0...10).
  • The graded solutions and model solution should be returned within one month.
  • When all graded solutions are returned, the final grade will be delivered to the register

Homeworks should be returned to course P.O. box at the second floor of the E-wing.

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