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S-72.4210 Postgraduate Course in Radio Communications

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Passing the course

S-72.4210 PG Course in Radio Communications
6-12 cr II-III

Passing the course: own oral and written 30 min(incl. discussion) seminar presentation(s), home exercises, (exam)

  • The seminar presentations and a homework problem should be delivered in electronic form
    (e.g. pdf format) for downloading on the course web-site.
  • Handouts should be given to the participants in the seminar.
  • Presentations written in scientific paper format template) will be graded higher than slide copies (needed for full grade).
  • Grade: 0-5, based on solved problems (or exam) and the seminar presentations. To pass 36% of maximum score must obtained from the problems.
  • Participation: 2/3 of the seminars should be attended
  • Credits: 6-12 CU, the exact amount depends on number of seminars presented and total number of given problems
  • The maximum number of possible seminar presentations depends on the number of active participants
  • Seminar presentations: 3 CU/presentation
  • Home exercises: 10-30 problems/CU, depending on difficulty level
  • Partial achievements (e.g. only homework done) will be reported to the register with the proper amount of CUs under the code S-72.J with a description of the work done. (This code can be reused for courses with different content and amount of credits.)

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