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S-72.4210 Postgraduate Course in Radio Communications

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S-72.4210 PG Course in Radio Communications
6-12 cr II-III


This years topic is:
Wideband Radio Communications


27.3.2006   Homework instructions added

19.1.2006   Session 7.3. is cancelled.

16.01.2006 Lecture time changed. New starting time is 16:00.

15.11.2005 Timetable ready and more topics added. You can also suggest your own topic. Contact                            course assistant for topic reservation.

31.10.2005 Course begins Tuesday 15.11. 15:00 in Communications Laboratory, room 208.    
                   Preliminary topics are shown in Lectures. Timetable announced soon.

11.10.2005 Timetable and preliminary lecture topics are announced briefly

10.10.2005 Last years course homepages: HERE


This course is one of the postgraduate courses offered by the Communications Laboratory.  It is possible to carry out this course multiple times.

A prerequisite for this course is knowledge corresponding to a major in communications on the Master’s level.

The course comprises weekly seminars mainly based on the participants’ oral presentations of written contributions to given topics. Each presentation should include homework. The homework is graded by the presenter of each topic at the end of the course. The course grade in mainly based on the quality of the presentations and written contributions, and on the amount of correct homework returns. If necessary, an exam can also be arranged.

The credits of the course can vary within the given range depending on the amount of work by the participants, i.e. number of oral presentation and problems.

Professor Sven-Gustav Häggman, 
phone: 09-4512340, 
e-mail: sven-gustav.haggman a

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